Hugs can help reduce anxieties, fears and sadness. Hugs make us feel comfortable, happy, safe and loved. A warm hug often says more than a million words!

There are many health benefits of hugging and hugs can promote our overall well-being and help children and adults alike to heal emotionally as well as physically.

  • Children do not always have access to their parents or grandparents, siblings or friends. A giant individually printed hugster pillow with an almost life size picture of the loved and missed person can ease separation anxiety and allows a child to stay connected when a parent or loved one is away from home.
  • Adults can miss a daughter or son, spouse, sister or brother. Or we have fond memories of places we visited or missed pets that no longer can be with us. Sometimes physical needs after surgeries or accidents require a bolster for faster healing or just more comfort. A personalized hugster pillow can render emotional as well as physical support and promotes an overall wellbeing.

Our huge personalized hugster pillows allow endless hugs at anytime and anywhere. They are a seamless and thoughtful décor to any room and will instantly put a smile on anyone’s face.

Hugster Pillows, is the best gift For You and Your Family!

Using the pictures of your family, friends, pets and others close to your heart and keep them forever by your side.